Learn More About One Specialized Software Solution for Modern Veterinary Practices

Just a little over a decade ago, it was nearly impossible to find vet practice management software that actually met the needs of animal care providers. Thankfully, technology has progressed significantly in the 12 years since this problem was made known to software developers. The solution they developed was based on one that had been proven to be effective for human medical practices.

The Problem With Previous Software Solutions

As the internet became an office standard at veterinary offices across the country, practices began looking for practical solutions to keeping organized electronic medical records on their patients. The initial problem was that there were no widespread standard diagnosis codes used within the veterinary field, which meant that each patient’s symptoms and condition could be entered in a wide variety of different ways. This led to a good deal of frustration for practice managers who wanted to use existing software programs to search patient reports.

This wasn’t the only problem veterinary clinics looking to optimize their practices with specialized software faced. Before Navetor cloud veterinary software was developed, they also had to make due with platforms that focused nearly exclusively on practice financials rather than clinical data. These early software solutions didn’t provide information about patient referrals or allow for the sharing of medical records, which made it difficult for veterinarians to keep information straight.

The Solution

Navetor Veterinary software was designed in partnership with Patterson Veterinary. This clinic offered valuable information regarding what data was required to efficiently run a veterinary office including everything from the means of keeping track of wellness plans to accounting software, pet insurance information, and even marketing services.

The innovative cloud-based vet software that resulted from Navetor’s partnership with Patterson offered the comprehensive solution that veterinarians across the country were looking for. Still widely used and widely acclaimed today, it was designed to integrate the entire veterinary clinic and to mimic the best practices of electronic medical records used in human medicine. This includes standardized medical codes and descriptions that allow managers to easily search and pull up information about one or multiple patients and the ability to share information with specialists providing care.

Unlike many software solutions, Navetor was not developed initially as a server-based software. Instead, it was designed from the cloud up, which helps to explain why it offers such an intuitive workflow and ease of use. Veterinary practices who have been struggling to keep track of patient and clinic information will find that this specialized software is well worth the investment both in terms of increased workplace efficiency and improved patient outcomes.

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